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I am so delighted that you’re here!  I decided to do this blog for one reason–to share my heart with YOU! I’ve always had this profound longing to help & encourage others.  Something inside of me comes alive when I can share a word of encouragement, help push someone a little further along in their journey, or simply offer a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. It’s just in my DNA.

This blog was birthed out of my love of writing and my sincere desire to share the Love of God with others.  While I am certainly no expert or life coach what I do have is what we all share–some life experience!  I’ll be sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way and a whole lot of stuff that I’m still trying to figure out!  

You can expect to read content that is inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining, but most of all honest.  You don’t arrive at forty-eight years of age without some stories to tell, and I have plenty to share and I am sure you do too!  That’s why I encourage you to make this space a place where you feel welcome to share, comment, and contribute to the conversation.

So, let’s dialogue and share. Let’s grow and explore.  Let’s do life together!  Because I don’t believe we’re meant to do this thing alone. 

Love you, Fam! And until next time…Smooches.

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