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Day Two-The Soundtrack to My Life!

This one right here…(head bowed down and tears flowing)! “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” by Maurette Brown Clark from her Dream CD carried me through one of the most difficult seasons in my life. It’s funny because as I’m typing this, I’m realizing just how appropriate the title of the CD is because this is exactly what I was doing…Pursuing the dream God had given me. So much so that I took a huge leap of faith in December 2008 and moved 2000 miles to southern California with nothing more than a Word from God. I had no job and no place to stay. I only knew two people, my brother, and his then-girlfriend. But I was inspired and doing what I believe God had called me to do. 

Five months into my journey, I experienced the first of many attacks by the enemy to get me to give up and go back home because my situation in this natural reality didn’t match what God had shown me. In fact, it was the polar opposite. However, in the Spirit, it was everything!! In the Spirit, I was growing and God was bringing me into the knowledge of who he had called me to be. The bolder I became and the more faith I spoke into those situations that looked “plum crazy” to others had them thinking I was losing my natural mind. 

Before I left home in 2008, a dear friend had burned this Maurette Brown Clark cd for me, that I had yet to listen to. But on this particular day, I popped it into my computer and let it play. When this song came on the deal was sealed for me…I wasn’t giving up…I wasn’t turning back. I was going to trust God no matter what and no matter how cuckoo I looked to others. And guess what? God showed up and showed out in ways that even the naysayers couldn’t deny it!!

As I listen to this song today, I realize that I have lived EVERY single lyric in this song. It cost me everything I had. I lost everything. I’ve lost possessions, relationships, and friendships. Been through hell and high water, dealt with sickness, and so much more. But despite it all, I have remained faithful in one thing and one thing only–my pursuit of HIM!

For anyone finding themselves at the crossroads of life wondering if you can make it…Let me be the one to say, YES, YOU CAN! With God, ALL things are possible. Learning to trust Him even when situations look grim is not easy, but I’m a witness that if you stand on the word HE GAVE YOU and don’t move…He will come through. His WORD never returns to Him void…NEVER! And it’s not about getting it right or being perfect. It’s about believing, trusting, and obeying HIS WORD! Because that’s coming from the heart. 

I could go on and on, but I’ll end it there because there is so much more I could dig into from what I’ve already shared. But I hope this song blesses you and you find the strength and courage to keep moving forward! You’ve come too far to turn back now!

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth in Faith…Smooches😘😘


  1. Thanks for sharing this story AND THIS SONG. I’d never heard it,it ministered to me!

    • Thanks for reading and listening, Wendy! I am so happy that it ministered to you and pray that God continues to bless and keep you in his perfect peace:)

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