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Day 9-The Soundtrack to My Life!

Not Making Sense, Making Faith by Donald Lawrence & Co.

Today’s song, Not Making Sense, Making Faith by Donald Lawrence & Company is the last in my triple threat/trilogy. It’s the song that truly propelled me forward into that new season and the next level of spiritual maturity. 

I remember sitting in my friend’s living room and hearing this song for the first time feeling like Donald was telling my story. I knew I couldn’t stay in Chicago. I had to go back. Even though it didn’t make sense to me and I still couldn’t see what God was doing, I trusted Him. I didn’t know how I was going to get back to Cali or where I was even going to live. I just believed He’d work it out–and He did. Within a week I was headed back to Cali to finish whatever God was calling me to do as my dear friend cheered me on!

One thing that I have to say about this particular testimony that is so key, is the importance of true God-centered, Holy Spirit-led friendships. This could’ve very well had a completely different outcome had I stayed with anyone else. I know this for a fact because I lost a friend when I made the decision to go back to Cali because they didn’t want me to leave. Not that this person didn’t want me to follow God’s path for my life, they just couldn’t identify with the faith I was walking in. But, the friend I stayed with, was the friend I needed at that time.

This friend was that “get down in the trenches with you, ready to fight in the Spirit and the natural 😆, prayer warrior,” that wasn’t going to let me sit and allow the enemy to win. That even if her situation hadn’t changed she was going to let me stand on her shoulders and hurdle me over the fence! It’s one of the few friendships I have where there is complete vulnerability and I thank God for bringing her into my life.

I don’t believe this journey was meant to be traveled alone. There will be times when it will be just you and the Lord. But most times, He will surround you with other faith-filled believers to keep you uplifted, inspired, and accountable along the way. They will be the ones to stand in the gap and pray for you when you can’t even pray for yourself. They will be the ones to lift your arms in the battle, as Aaron and Hur did for Moses until your victory is complete (Exodus 17: 11-13)

My prayer for you today is that as you continue on your faith journey God will surround you with a tribe of faith-filled, Holy Spirit-led friends that will stand in the gap for you, pray for you, support you, laugh with you, and cry with you. I pray that He sends you a tribe that is pure in heart and spirit. Because you’re going to need them and they’re going to need you. We weren’t meant to do this alone. You’re going to need that person to hurdle you over the fence!

Well, that it’s for the trilogy. I hope you enjoy Donald Lawrence these past three days. Join me tomorrow for Day 10.

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth In Faith…Smooches 😘😘

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