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Day 28-The Soundtrack to My Life!

Volume of the Book by Moses Akoh (Worship Session)

Today’s song is Volume of the Book by Moses Akoh. I was led to this song earlier this year as I was listening to a worship session by Victor Thompson on Youtube. I was taking my yearly time with the Lord and was feeling pretty anxious. I was still in the process of getting acclimated to all the newness in my life. God had done such amazing work in me spiritually, emotionally, and mentally that I was a brand new person. But this brand-new person had to learn how to navigate this new space and terrain.

I was listening to the song one day when it just became light to me. I knew I was nearing the end of the season I had been in. Old stuff just didn’t fit anymore. The former things were passing away and God was making way for the new. My desires began to change. My diet began to change. Nothing about the old way seemed appealing or even worked in this new space that I was in.

Once I realized that the feeling of being uncomfortable was only temporary and part of the process, I adjusted to my new reality. And I was excited! I welcomed each new opportunity with open arms. The things that used to look scary or challenging were now things I ran towards. I felt like David running toward Goliath– slingshot in hand with God’s grace covering me. My full confidence and assurance were in God and His ability to deliver me. I was ready to take my mountain.

When I listen to this song it resonates with me so deeply because I know that my time is coming. I can feel it! I know that God is getting ready to release me to walk in what He’s called me to do next. The years of preparation, separation, pruning, molding, shaping, and purifying, have all been to bring me to this place–The volume of the book where my story begins. Where the woman I’ve been in the process of BEcoming finally emerges, ready to walk out the destiny God predestined before the foundations of the world!

It’s my prayer that as you listen to this song you allow the words to speak to your heart. I pray that you begin to SEE the story about YOU that God has been divinely orchestrating and writing throughout your journey. I pray that you arrive at the volume of the book where your story is written, poised, and ready to walk out your destiny and bless the world with the amazing gift that is you!

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Love you, Fam💕

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth In Faith…Smooches 😘😘

Volume of the Book by Moses Akoh (Original)
Victor Thompson Music (Full-Length Worship Session feat. Volume of the Book)

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