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Day 25-The Soundtrack to My Life!

Deeper by Aliandra

Today’s song is Deeper by Aliandra. This song was yet another Holy Spirit tap on the shoulder to let me know that God indeed hears me, sees me, and knows me. I am always in awe of how He goes to great lengths just to let us know we are not alone–He is right there with us!

Though we were just a few months into the pandemic and quarantine, I have to say that I was happy as can be in my apartment with Jesus alone! I had just witnessed a miraculous healing of a friend and had an encounter with God that I can’t even describe, so I was in a truly euphoric state. If this was just a taste of what the power of God could do, I wanted more–I wanted to go deeper. But I knew that more of Him meant less of me. I wanted to get to a place of reckless abandonment where nothing else mattered but God. I didn’t want anything standing in the way of being one with Him.

On this particular day, I asked a question. I asked God to give me a picture or image of what abandoned Anji looked like. I wanted something I could hold on to that would give me hope, inspire me, and beckon me to go beyond where I was as I continued on my quest to go deeper in Him. As closed my eyes I saw an image of a man with bare shoulders exposed and a gigantic smile on his face. The picture was clear but blurred because the man was dancing. It was a picture of David. Then the Lord spoke to me and said.

“Dance. Dance. Let your spirit leap for joy. For just as David danced until his ephod fell off, your spirit dances until all flesh and all soulish desires fall away. As he danced in the natural it was just a manifestation of him being in the Spirit. He danced “out” of himself! So dance.”

I remember being filled that day with so much joy and excitement that I could hardly contain myself. But as I was preparing for bed, I had a nudge in my spirit to listen to something while I fell asleep. This wasn’t my typical bedtime routine but I decided to oblige and grabbed my phone to listen to YouTube. I opened up my Soaking in His Presence channel and right up top was a new single he had just released from an artist named Aliandra. The song was titled Deeper, which already had me smiling. I hit the play button to hear the song and it’s an actual music video so I watch it. The words captured my heart right away.

As I’m watching the video, I find myself being moved by the lyrics, the video gets to a scene where I just come completely undone. In the scene, Aliandra starts to twirl and spin around just like the image the Lord had given me of myself as a little girl earlier that day. It was at that moment that I could just sense the Father’s warm embrace as He gave me comfort and assurance that He was right there with me–He would take me deeper.

Who can make this stuff up? I am constantly in awe of Him. When I say that He desires a relationship with us I’m not just talking about a hypothetical relationship that you never truly experience. I’m talking about the One True God, The Creator of the heavens and the earth, coming down to let you know He’s with you! I’m talking about Him doing everyday life with you, not just popping in on occasion. I’m talking about Him speaking to your heart and then confirming His word just so you know it’s Him. That’s what I’m talking about. 

Though He encounters each of us in His own unique way, my prayer for you today is that He reveals Himself to you in fresh new ways that have His signature all over them! May your relationship with Him grow deeper and deeper as you abandon all and follow after Him.

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Love you, Fam💕

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth In Faith…Smooches 😘😘

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