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Day 23-The Soundtrack to My Life!

New Wave by Snoop Dogg feat. Mali Music

Today’s song is New Wave by Snoop Dog (Featuring Mali Music). 

After nine months, of what I can only call an emotional roller coaster, combined with some harsh realities and truth, I was packing my things to head to my real home–the home I left when I moved to Cali. I had spent the past nine months in much-needed seclusion in the safety of a dear loved one but now it was time to go home.

By this time I was a bit more settled in this new season. I had repented for my mistake in Cali and my vain attempt to launch the blog.  I had let go of everything to focus on my relationship with God. I was walking through the healing and forgiveness process and had submitted to the fact that I was going to be in Chicago longer than expected. I was ready for whatever was next.

I’m not one who ever followed signs or looked for them, but I pay attention. I had been on this journey long enough to recognize patterns and how God moved in my life. The day I heard this song, was the day I realized whatever God needed to be accomplished during the past nine months was coming to an end. He was getting ready to do something new and whatever came along with it, I was ready to face it like a skilled surfer riding the waves.

This journey with God is one of continuous growth and increase–there’s always more! He’s infinite. That’s why I’m very skeptical of anyone who has it all figured out or feels that they have arrived. If you can get to the end of discovering who God is, then how big is your god? But these past five years, as I write this now, have taught me how to enjoy and embrace the process–with all its highs and all its lows.

I remember praying and asking God to give me a lived experience of His Word. I didn’t want to be able to just rattle off bible verses I memorized, recount bible stories, or talk about how good a message was on Sunday. I wanted to experience Him! I wanted to have evidence in my life that He was who He said He was. I wanted His fingerprints all over it so there would be no denying it was Him.

I’m grateful to be in a place in my life and relationship with Him where I welcome the new waves. Where I swim out into the deep to sit and wait in the stillness until the wave comes–ready to ride it out. 

It’s my prayer that as you continue to grow and increase in the knowledge of God and experience the vastness of His goodness and love towards you, that you never lose that sense of awe and wonder for the One True God. May He give you peace in the stillness as you wait for Him. 

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Love you, Fam💕

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth In Faith…Smooches 😘😘

P.S. I have a bonus song for you today and a short message I was led to share. Check out the video below, as well as the song Word of God Speak by Mercy Me. Love you, Fam!

Word of God Speak by Mercy Me

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