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Day 21-The Soundtrack to My Life!

Letting Go by Steffany Gretzinger

Today’s song is Letting Go by Steffany Gretzinger from her Undoing CD. 

Question…What would your response be if God asked you to let everything go? And when I say everything, I mean the very thing He also called you to pursue. Would you let it all go? Well, this was where I found myself in 2019 when, after years of relentlessly pursuing the vision God gave me, I was asked to let it all go. His exact words to me: “Am I Enough?” Of course, my response was a resounding “Absolutely, Lord!” “You are more than enough.” But as the words left my lips, my heart began to sink. Was he enough??

I had been pursuing the vision he had given me for the past ten years. But now he was asking for me to lay it all down. All the years of work, research, and progress that I had made—all the faith and triumph over obstacles to get this far—yet He was asking me to let it all go. If I never wrote another article, never authored a book, never fulfilled the dream, would He be enough? If I never did anything of significance, would He be enough? If I lived a simple life with him, would that be enough for me? Or did I need something more to fulfill me?

I had to sit with that question for a few weeks. I had to truly search my heart, and it wasn’t easy. It’s not easy to confront yourself. But after close examination, there were, in fact, things I felt I needed to live my “best life.” Things that, if I didn’t have them, would somehow dictate the level of success or happiness I could obtain or speak to how “blessed” I was. It’s so easy in today’s culture to pick up the things of this world and begin mixing them with the things of God. We can easily justify them by convincing ourselves that they’re just part of “the blessing.” God wants me blessed and prosperous, so my hustle to be a “boss business owner” or “build my status” is just me walking in my purpose. It’s so easy to get misaligned and very easy to get manipulated and led astray because it all sounds good and even looks the part. But I would soon discover God’s true plan and purpose—and it wasn’t my “best life!”

I’ll never forget when the light bulb went off for me that my pursuit of purpose was not the ultimate goal or destination. There was only one goal and one destination—Christ! When I began to look back over my journey, it was pretty evident that each and every open door and obstacle was shaping me, molding me, and perfecting me into His image. The vision was just the vehicle in which I traveled on my way to being perfected in Christ. The vision wasn’t the goal or prize—Christ was!

I had to decide if I would give it all up! I knew in my heart what God had called me to because He had told me many times and confirmed it. But now I had to make a choice. Did I want the vision more than I wanted him? I found comfort in the story of Abraham, who, after waiting years for the promise of God to be fulfilled in his life, willingly offered the promised son as a sacrifice on the altar because he believed God. He believed that the God who promised him the son was also the God able to raise him again. So with all the faith I could muster, I let it all go! I stopped my pursuit. I trusted and believed in my heart that He who gave me the vision was also the One who could restore it, and if not, He was still enough!

For over a year, I wasn’t in pursuit of anything but Him. I grew so much spiritually as well as in every other area of my life. I am a vastly different person today than I was four years ago, and I am unrecognizable from the person I was 20 years ago. I am happy to say that God not only restored the vision but gave me so much more in return!! He truly is a God of His word.

It’s my prayer that my testimony and stories inspire, encourage, and empower you to pursue Him like never before. The wonderful thing about this journey is that no two are alike! My testimony and journey are unique to me because of the things God has called me to do. What He’s calling you to or what He’s requiring of you is unique to you and your journey. So take my stories and testimonies as inspiration and not a roadmap, because your path will be completely different. Give Him your heart, and He will direct your path!

I’m looking forward to sharing more about this revelation and more in my upcoming book, as well as some exciting new projects coming this summer. If you are in search of a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, then let me know by dropping a comment below! I’m planning something I think you may like and would love to get your input.

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Love you, Fam💕

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth In Faith…Smooches 😘😘

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