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Day 20-The Soundtrack to My Life!

Making a Way by Mali Music

Today’s song Making A Way by Mali Music comforted me during a time in life when I was still trying to settle into a new season that I wasn’t comfortable in at all! Honestly, I was still fighting being in Chicago. I joke with friends and family about crying that winter I returned, but it really isn’t a joke at all. There were days when all I did was wake up, cry, and go back to sleep because that was all I had the energy to do. Being in Chicago was like a thorn in my side. It was like a constant reminder to me of the mistake I made. I was stuck. I felt trapped. 

I wanted answers and solutions pronto so I could make a quick exit. I had grown accustomed to God showing up rather speedily in times past, but this was something different. I was learning that what worked in prior seasons couldn’t cut it in this new place. He was doing something new–I just couldn’t see it yet! He was taking me on a closer walk with Him into a deeper level of spiritual maturity–He was preparing me. I didn’t know I was exactly where I needed to be. I didn’t understand and I was frustrated. But I trusted God. Despite my rollercoaster of emotions, I knew in my heart there was only one way out of this–His way. 

The lyrics of this song met me on a cold snowy day in February 2019, as I sat in a room that wasn’t mine, surrounded by things that weren’t mine, thanking God for keeping me. Trusting that despite the ill intentions of man, the enemy, and even the mistakes I made, He was still making a way for me. 

The second verse of this song is what I clung to on those days when I questioned the journey and felt like I didn’t have anything left in me. It so beautifully captured exactly where I was at that moment…even down to the snow!!

Verse Two

Every season in my life should be

Bringing me closer to what I should be

Making me stronger in the winter snow

Making me shine in the darkest low

God, let your light shine, have your way with me, please

And if it don’t break, it’s only making me

Making me more than what I thought I’d be 

Taking me places never thought I’d see

God is so amazingly good! He knows just what we need and when we need it.  He speaks to each of us in His own special way. How could you not love Him, right?

I pray that as you continue on your journey that He continues to show up in ways that astound you, draw you, and keep you, especially in the times when the path gets a little rough. May this song be a reminder to you that every moment and every season of life is bringing you closer to who God destined you to be–He’s making a way for you!

Well, that’s all I have for you today!

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth In Faith…Smooches 😘😘

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