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Take it Away From Me, Lord!

As the Lord started to give me what to share this week, something I originally published back in 2009 came up. I mean, I totally forgot this existed until one day I was doing a google search of my name and it popped up.

This was my very first attempt at blogging and the first and last post I’d ever published on Blogger because I was paralyzed by fear. I didn’t think I was good enough. That’s why LIVE LOVE DREAM NOW! means a lot to me because I know what I had to overcome to arrive where I am today, some 13 years later.

Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

I had this “thing” for this guy (who shall remain nameless!) that to me seemed impossible to break free from. No matter when he showed up or how he showed up in my life, there I was back in this “thing” again. It would be like no time had passed, no hurt or harm was done, and no love was lost. There I was, ready for yet another “Love TKO” (for all you Teddy Pendergrass fans). Well at some point, really, at some point, this kind of “thing” has to get old. I mean who wants to keep being the beautiful gem that gets picked up, admired, even considered, only to be put back on the display shelf because you were not the right cut or worth more than the price they were willing to pay? Well, this particular time it had gotten to that point. I was done, so over it and threw! 

As I was driving along the lakefront on LSD (Not the drug! But Lake Shore Drive for my non-Chicagoans) I cried out, “Lord, why don’t you just take it away from me? I don’t want to feel like this anymore. Why am I always the one who ends up getting hurt and crying?” At this point, I can barely see the road in front of me because I was crying so hard.

 Almost immediately after my little rant and desperate plea for help I heard him say, “It’s not for me to take away Anji, but for you to give up!” Now my first reaction to this statement was “What!” I was thinking, “Like, aren’t you supposed to be the one who delivers me, you know, get rid of stuff in my life that shouldn’t belong there?” But as quickly as that thought came it vanished and something wonderful happened. It was as if a light broke forth within me that allowed me to see through the tears, push past the pain, and come to the realization that this “thing” I thought I could not break free from or control actually had little power over me. In fact, it had no power at all! I had the power. It only survived because I allowed it to live. But once I was ready to pull the plug on that bad fella, that “thing” would take its last breath and die!

 “Wow!” I thought. “Lord, you’re awesome!” So I dried my tears, turned my little self around, and went back home where I humbly kneeled down on my knees and thanked God for yet again showing me, Me! 

Sometimes those “things” in life that seem impossible to break free from are only there because we have not realized the power we possess to overcome them. That power can and only comes from our intimate and open relationship with God. It’s His power working through us. When we surrender to God and draw closer to Him we allow the power of His love to come into our hearts and transform us from the inside out. When that transformation takes place, all things become possible. Your act of surrender or giving up those “things” releases the miraculous power of God to come into your life and change your situation. And all it takes is a willing heart and a confident yet bold step to pull the plug!

So, Fam…What “thing or things” do you need to be unplugged from today?” Let’s chat!… Meet me in the comments below.

Love, Ya, and until next time…Smooches!

P.S. Here’s the link to the original post on Blogger: Take it Away From Me, Lord!

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