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Give Me a Clean Heart…

I love all the new worship and contemporary Christian music but sometimes it’s those “oldies but goodies” that hit the spot. This summer as I was seeking God and desiring to come closer to Him this song came to mind.  The adult choir, aka “The Inspirational Choir,” at the baptist church I grew up in used to sing it.

I have uttered the words to this song as a prayer so many times over the course of my journey. However, this summer, those words were some of the only ones I could manage to muster up when I knew I had made it to the end of myself and acknowledged the fact that I couldn’t go any further in my own strength. To do what He was calling me to do…I needed Him…I needed a clean heart.

Hope you enjoy and be blessed!

What song became your prayer or heart’s cry this year? Meet me in the comments below and let’s chat!

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