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Day 7-The Soundtrack to My Life!

There Is A King In You by Donald Lawrence & Company

Over the next three days, I’m sharing what I call my triple threat or trilogy. These three songs propelled me into my next season of spiritual maturity and my relationship with God.

Today’s song is There Is a King in You by Donald Lawrence & Company. This song is exactly what I needed as I entered the season where God showed me who I was in HimMy true identity. For the past ten years, He had walked me mightily through knowing Him. He had shown himself strong in my life with such amazing testimonies but now it was time to grow up. Now it was time to know ME! After the enemy’s all-out assault on my purpose, my faith, identity, relationships, and now my health, I was done! And to be honest, I was just tired of fighting.  Fighting the good fight of faith doesn’t mean you don’t get weary sometimes. I just needed to catch my breath and figure out what was next. There was an annual faith conference at my church home in Chicago I planned to attend. I felt if I could just be in the room and atmosphere of faith God would give me what to do next. So, I decided I was going home. I packed my stuff, put it in storage, and purchased a one-way ticket back to Chicago.

I took refuge at a dear friend’s house and we decided to join our faith through prayer, praise, and worship. This was one of the many songs we kept on repeat throughout the day and night. But it became so much more to me. It became the lifter of my head (Psalm 3). It was as if the Father had lifted my bruised chin and looked me square in the eyes and began to speak His word over me. 

Not even three days in I knew I had to go back. My assignment in Cali was incomplete. God was not finished with me yet. This was all just part of the process of “Becoming.” If I would just embrace the process, the end result was going to far exceed anything I’d ever imagined. 

I never made it to the conference. I got exactly what I needed right there in my friend’s living room! When two or three are gathered in His name (in faith) He truly is in the midst (Matthew 18: 19-20). Once I got that word the Lord sent me a ticket back to Cali to finish what He had started in me.

If you are questioning your path, your purpose, or your identity because you’ve been under such attack and/or you’re just tired let this song encourage and strengthen you today. Find your refuge in the Father’s loving arms and allow the power of His word to be the lifter of your head. Hold your head up highRemember who you are and whose you are. You are not just a mere man! You are a child of the Most High God…You, Fam are royalty!

Until next time…Be Blessed & Go Forth In Faith…Smooches 😘😘

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